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Welcome, and thank you for choosing a Scala Content Accelerator for your digital signage application. The initial configuration steps to get started are listed below. Full setup instructions and documentation are available online at:

Download the Getting Started Guide PDF


The Scala Content Accelerator works as an edge server on your network – it requires a valid static IP address that can access the internet/cloud and a descriptive host name.

To perform the initial configuration, a monitor and keyboard will need to be connected to the Scala Content Accelerator appliance. The device supports an HDMI video connection and USB keyboard.

  1. Power on the appliance. With the monitor, keyboard and power connected. 
  2. Log on when prompted:
    Username: See attached PDF. This password must be changed as part of proper security practice.
    Password: See attached PDF. This password must be changed as part of proper security practice.
    You will then be prompted to change your password. 
  3. At the server console prompt type quickstart and answer the required questions.
  4. Once the quickstart has completed, type reboot when prompted. 
    Then remove the keyboard and monitor.

With the server bootstrapped you will be able to attach and configure the Scala Content Accelerator's services via the web based management interface. To access the management interface, simply open a web browser and type the IP address used in the quickstart. You can also log on with the user name and password credentials from quickstart.


From the Management interface select the Help link at the top of the page to reference the Scala Content Accelerator Administration Guide.

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