Content Manager 11.00


This release has reached its end of support. We strongly advise that you update to a more current release.

For more information on updating or upgrading, please contact your sales representative.

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Scala Content Manager is a powerful, server-based application for digital signage content distribution, scheduling and management that lets you control from one to hundreds, even thousands, of digital signage displays from a single browser interface.

Advertising, news, training or virtually any other visual communication can be easily distributed to Scala Players. Content is created using Scala Designer or other industry standard applications.

In a Scala Enterprise network, Designer is part of a workflow process, allowing users to create scripts and templates, manage them in Content Manager and play them in Player, which is illustrated by the following diagram. 

The Larger Enterprise Ecosystem

To Learn More About the Basics

The following pages can provide a deeper introduction of Content Manager: 

  • Domain Model– a quick look at high level flow within Content Manager. This covers both the content flow, and the security interactions.
  • Personas– the common user types of Content Manager, what they commonly do, along with the default roles associated with them.
  • Getting Started– a basic primer of how to get a simple example of content through Content Manager onto a Player.
  • Glossary of Terms– definitions of terms you may encounter while learning more about Content Manager.
  • Configuring Server Environments--topics related to prepare for, install, tune or update your server. 
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