Content Manager 11.00


This release has reached its end of support. We strongly advise that you update to a more current release.

For more information on updating or upgrading, please contact your sales representative.

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Accessing Profile Settings

Selecting Personal Settings allows you to manage the following personal information: email address, password, and regional settings.

Updating your Personal Information

To manage your account profile specific settings, click on the Personal Information tab, which allows you to modify include your first and last name, and your account contact email address.



If you are using LDAP or Active Directory to administer UsersRoles and Workgroups, then some options may be disabled.



The Administrator username is assigned by the system and cannot be changed by the user. 

Modifying your Password

Modifying your password can be done in the same way by clicking the Change Password tab. Be sure to check the box next to "Change my password"  and create a password that is at least eight (8) characters in length. It is also important that your password meet any requirement (e.g., having a certain amount of letters, numbers, special characters. etc.) your IT department may have in place.

Selecting your Region

Regional settings can be changed by switching to the Regional Settings tab and choosing your default language from the drop down menu that appears. 

Editing your Email Notifications

Email notifications are in place to let you know when there is an object for you to approve. You can access this by clicking on the Email Alert Settings tab.  The following can be set to either Yes or No and provide for the following: 

  • Receive email alerts: Allows Content Manager to send the user emails if a Player's heartbeat status is overdue or if there are other issues with the Player
  • Receive approval notification emails: Emails will be sent for media items, either for media item approval, or if a media item has been rejected. 

Switching your Network

When logging into Content Manager with a user account that is associated with multiple Hosted Networks, you will return to the network you were last logged into.

Switching between networks is as easy as simply selecting the network required from the dropbox presented.


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