Content Manager 11.00


This release has reached its end of support. We strongly advise that you update to a more current release.

For more information on updating or upgrading, please contact your sales representative.

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Content Manager, by default, ships with eight default Roles: Administrator, System Administrator, Graphic Designer, Message Editor, Message Manager, Network Manager, Schedule Manager and Viewer. Each section below describes a subset grouping of these roles and provides an overview of how users in these roles interact with Content Manager. These are listed in approximate order of decreasing access within the system.


A user in this role is responsible for back-end system management to keep Scala Enterprise running smoothly.  This role has access to the totality of Permissions in Enterprise and manages system updates along with user and permission management.  The Network Manager default role is a subset of this System Admin role, but is intended to focus on managing and monitoring of Players, ensuring content is playing properly.


A user in this role is primarily focused is on taking the content created by the Content Editors and managing the distribution of this content across the network to players.  There are two subsets of focus within Content Admin:  The Message Manager focuses on organizing message content with Categories and Templates, while the Schedule Manager handles their distribution into Playlists consisting of Media, Scripts and Messages, and Schedules when the Playlists will appear. They can also view the Network Monitor


A user in this role is responsible for the creating and editing of media and message content to be used by the system. The analogous roles that ship with CM are Graphic Designer and Message Editor. The Graphic Designer’s focus is on creating and editing visual content, such as Media, and its metadata, while the Message Editor’s focus is on creating and editing message content using Templates. 


This is a user with view only access.  Their usage is limited solely to monitor what is being done within the system.


A Developer works with the REST API's of Content Manager to customize, for example, an alternative interface or modify the workflow beyond what is available in the standard product. System Administrators can limit access to the API's by creating a separate user account and assigning a role specific to the areas in which the Developer can work.


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