Content Manager 11.00


This release has reached its end of support. We strongly advise that you update to a more current release.

For more information on updating or upgrading, please contact your sales representative.

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Scala is constantly working to improve the customer experience by providing updates on a regular basis. These updates reflect current security trends and resolutions to issues that have been reported by our customer base.  The list of releases can be found below, with the most recent version always being at the top of the list.  Click the release version label in the listing box below to review the summary of changes you are interested in. Each summary release listing highlights the most notable items for that release.

These cumulative updates are only available to customers under Scala Maintenance. If your Scala Maintenance date has lapsed, you can renew your Scala Maintenance Subscription by contacting your Scala Certified Partner. If you are need further assistance, our Scala sales team will be happy to help.  

For full details on making updates to your system, including determining update eligibility, obtaining current updates, and adhering to current guidelines, go to Updating Your Network


The label "Notable" means that more information can be found on the Notable for Support page.

Release 11.00.11 – December 13, 2016 



Before applying this update, please make sure that your SHA certificates are up to date as described in this attachment.While this document refers to Windows 10, Scala has not yet certified Windows 10 for playback. This fix has been made in anticipation of that certification.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Tomcat version 7.0.70's URL encoding to re-encode a previously encoded URL. CM-11206
  • Fixed an issue with multiple select for Boolean variables in non-English UI's. CM-11209
  • Made a change to the way "valid end date" for a media item is displayed. The date will now default to the start date.CM-11217
  • Fixed an issue that caused the User Activity page to display incorrectly because of missing user activity types.CM-11369 

Release 11.00.10 – December 13, 2016



Due to changes with Microsoft's usage of Secure Hash Algorithms (SHA), this update will ensure that the Remote Update package will use a Remote Update package that is digitally signed and verifiable in a valid SHA format. For more information on this change, please see this attachment.

Release 11.00.09 - July 28, 2016 

  • MS SQL Server 2005 is no longer supported by Scala Enterprise Content Manager. CM-10983
  • When deleting a metadata value from a picklist, a warning message with the places the value is listed will appear. The value is now deleted instead of replaced. CM-11031
  • The Playback Audit Module billing log parser now save playout days as milliseconds to better handle time zone offsets when creating reports.CM-11051

Release 11.00.08 - June 15, 2016

  • Users can now disable SMTP authentication.CM-10592 
  • Fixed an issue when re-publishing a script from a Designer User with LDAP credentials. CM-10594
  • Users are now able to search for Playlists, Template or Players with partial words. CM-10630 
  • Added pre-caching for media item metadata to improve plan generation performance. CM-10644
  • Fixed an issue with heartbeat processing that truncates error descriptions because of escaped characters. CM-10657 
  • Fixed an issue when setting PlangenPreCachePlaylists=False that caused playlist media items to be out of order. CM-10670 
  • Fixed an issue with MongoDB authentication in the PAM parser when migrating from MSSQL to MongoDB. CM-10675 
  • (NotableFixed problem with the PAM parser, which created extra Channels because of appended Display names. CM-10693
  • Fixed a reporting issue that excluded billing data for the starting date of the search criteria. CM-10811

  • Fixed an issue when creating a message where the wrong search results were shown. CM-10889
  • Audio smart playlist now generate the correct items if a limit is set. CM-10893
  • Uploaded .zip files can now be selected to do an install file. CM-10895
  • Bulk imports of LDAP users assign the proper workgroup and role(s) to users.  CM-10897, CM-10933
  • Fixed an issue that caused the "delete template" role permission to malfunction.CM-10900
  • Fixed the inability to save a subplaylist that was used extensively throughout the system.  CM-10968
  • General cosmetic and usability improvements CM-10874

Release 11.00.07 - February 16, 2016

  • Fixed the Media Summary report with ScalaScript events. CM-10588

Release 11.00.06 - January 26, 2016



Release 11.00.05 was released as a private internal build.

New Feature

  • External source input for Samsung SSP E Series and the DB22D-P Players is now supported via the features.xml file in Content Manager.CM-10501


  • Made changes to the Playlist API's for updating playlists and calculating playlist durations. CM-10427

  • Fixed a rare issue with drag and drop template files that failed to display when uploaded. CM-10431
  • Fixed an issue impacting the ability to schedule separate audio tracks. CM-10441

  • (Notable) Fixed an issue that caused the channel overview not to load following an upgrade. CM-10461, CM-10505

  • If you are not the built-in system Administrator you can no longer set owner or viewer workgroups when multi selecting media items. CM-10463

  • Fixed an issue where Smart Playlists continued to generate, even when "Update Automatically Every" was turned off. CM-10465

  • A custom logo can be selected for a Playback Audit Module report. CM-10477

  • Duplicated playlists now preserve the interactivity option for webpages or widgets. CM-10486

  • Plan generation optimizations. CM-10499

  • Playback Audit Module connection options are now available during initial Database Setting configuration. CM-10503, CM-10518, CM-10521
  • Made enhancements to ingesting media from a  remote publish location to ensure that the most current version is used. CM-10509
  • Fixed general compatibility issues with Firefox. CM-10522
  • Unchecking "Limit To"  now lists all matching items in a Smart Playlist. CM-10529
  • Made improvements to API endpoints to support deployments which contain large numbers of playlists (3000+). CM-10533

  • Fixed an issue with the clean up task for deleting custom thumbnails for Media messages.CM-10554

  • General cosmetic and usability improvements. CM-10467, CM-10545

Release 11.00.04 - November 24, 2015

  • Fixed a rare issue where smart playlists were not properly gathering content. CM-10291 
  • Content Manager now correctly displays the day's unzipped player logs instead of only showing a zip file. CM-10318
  • The User Activity now loads properly in cases in which users had been requested to and had successfully reset their password. CM-10330
  • Smart playlists regenerations no longer pick up expired media items.CM-10331
  • Fixed an issue creating messages that used 'text file' template fields CM-10332
  • Fixed a rare issue where a pre-cache improvement introduced in Release 10.5 caused Playlist, Channel and Track names to be used incorrectly during plan generation. CM-10333
  • More than 1,024 individual Players can now be added to a maintenance job. It should be noted that the use of Player Groups is still a preferred approach to doing so. CM-10339 
  • Fixed a bug that prevented proper migration of the Playback Audit Data to MongoDB if the Content manager network name included capital letters. This lead to errors in playback audit reporting. Customers who have already migrated their Playback Audit Module (PAM) database can correct this issue by re-running the PAM migrator. CM-10353
  • Optimized pre-caching queries for plan generation to ensure the distribution screens are not locked out when plan generation is running. CM-10366
  • Fixed a rare issue where playlist recursion checking was overprotective. CM-10373
  • Fixed an issue that caused initial network activity to be duplicated after pairing the initial player. CM-10383
  • Installation screens displayed in Cyrillic now render the language properly instead of with unexpected characters. CM-10396
  • General cosmetic and usability improvements.  CM-10354, CM-10379

Release 11.00.03 - October 5, 2015

  • Adding more than 10 timeslots at a time using the API now works as desired. CM-9874
  • Made improvements to the file upload section that now allows large files or large quantities of files to complete without timing out. CM-9918
  • Playlists with ScalaScript items will now display the correct duration. CM-9921
  • Fixed a bug that set the "items to play" value to 1 when using multi-editing on a subplaylist. CM-10093
  • Fixed an issue with the /api/rest/channels/{id}/schedules request that caused it to accept bad scheduling requests without generating an error. CM-10178
  • Fixed the Content Manager Installer to ensure correct information and links associated with the "connectors" is preserved. CM-10224, CM-10240, CM-10241, CM-10254
  • Plans for multiple players are now generated correctly from the player landing page, even when the "Distribution Type" column has been disabled from view.  CM-10215
  • Single and/or multiple re-licensed Players are not removed from their corresponding maintenance jobs. CM-10243

  • (Notable) Fixed an issue where upgrading from 10.5.x or earlier to 11.00.xx after system log tables had been truncated. This was causing only one player to be visible within the Content Manager UI. CM-10283

  • Fixed a rare issue that causes plan generation to stop for a user who upgrades from Scala 5 to an 11.00.xx release, if one or maintenance job exists before starting plan generation. CM-10294

  • General cosmetic and usability improvements. CM-9966, CM-10084, CM-10086, CM-10089, CM-10091, CM-10092, CM-10097, CM-10098, CM-10107, CM-10135, CM-10238
  • General security improvements. CM-10204, CM-10205, CM-10206, CM-10207, CM-10239

Release 11.00.02 - August 25, 2015

  • HTML files uploaded to Content Manager for use as a data file are now recognized as an unknown filetype, a similar behavior to an .htm file. CM-9876
  • Users can now create a new event trigger in the case of unsaved scheduling. CM-9877
  • Made changes to the UI that provide the option specify a content path when uploading files directly. You can now select existing paths or folders to upload media items, and create or specify new folders or paths to upload media items. CM-9895
  • Playlists will update their duration based on change to subplaylist durations.  CM-9906
  • Content Manager now more stringently checks Playlist dependencies during cleanup after playlist deletion. CM-9915
  • The Health tab now properly appears in Player Properties. CM-9917
  • is now included in the files collected when selecting download logs. CM-9990
  • Fixed an issue with the "is Not" logic within Smart Playlists.  CM-10085
  • Messages created by a deleted user can now be edited. CM-10100
  • Playback status and heartbeat status are now both updating properly when using a Player connected to an IAdea Bridge Server.  CM-10110
  • Playback Audit Module reports can now be created for media metadata items containing string picklists. CM-10114
  • Smart conditions in a Playlist now clear appropriately when the item they are associated with is removed. CM-10115
  • Multi-selecting players previously connected to Content Manager will now properly unpair and be removed from the system. CM-10136
  • Users can now change video, images and text in media messages and save the changes successfully.  CM-10164
  • General security enhancements. CM-9880
  • General cosmetic and usability improvements. CM-10083, CM-10134

Release 11.00 - August 11, 2015

Before You Proceed

  • This release includes all updates made on the prior release up until now, including the improvements found in the 10.5.2, 10.5.3, 10.5.4 and 10.5.5 updates.
  • The Scala Maintenance date for 11.00 is June 1, 2015.  CM-9640
  • Scala Enterprise Content Manager now ships with, and requires Apache Tomcat version 7.0.57.  CM-8669
    • Starting with Release 11, HTTPS from a proxy server, such as Apache HTTPD or NGINX can now be used without the need to configure SSL within Content Manager or Tomcat. More information can be found on  Managing HTTP Connectors in Tomcat
  • Scala Enterprise Content Manager now ships with, and requires PostgreSQL version 9.3.5-3. CM-8671
  • Scala Enterprise Content Manager now supports Windows Server 2012 R2. CM-4748
  • Scala Enterprise Content Manager no longer supports MySQL. CM-7870
  • Scala Enterprise Content Manager no longer supports use with 32-bit versions of Windows. CM-9221
  • Support for Internet Explorer 8 has ended. CM-9235

New Features

  • Internet Explorer 11 is now supported for Scala Enterprise. CM-6540, CM-9613

  • Web Application Description Language (WADL) can now be requested for all services in API 2.0. CM-8428

  • It is now possible to search for a player based on the Player's Universally Unique Identifier (UUID). CM-8466

  • The UI now provides an option to delete a Folder.  CM-8561

  • Added support for the Administrator to set session timeouts for the network in both the UI and the API. CM-7936

  • Administrators can now request users to change their password at their next login. CM-9988, CM-9991

  • Improved online documentation, including a reorganization of the Content Manager manual into a more user friendly format. 

Product Enhancements

  • General cosmetic and usability improvements.    CM-5490, CM-6929, CM-7104, CM-7190, CM-7304, CM-7380, CM-7386, CM-7478, CM-7512, CM-8133, CM-8284, CM-8292, CM-8295, CM-8364 CM-8366 CM-8383, CM-8393, CM-8396, CM-8398, CM-8426, CM-8461, CM-8487, CM-8564, CM-8599, CM-8642, CM-8666, CM-8674, CM-8680, CM-8701, CM-8744 CM-8755, CM-8789, CM-8806, CM-8832, CM-8843, CM-8857, CM-8858, CM-8859, CM-8885, CM-8967, CM-8993, CM-9035, CM-9075, CM-9090, CM-9101CM-9121, CM-9155, CM-9168, CM-9172, CM-9194, CM-9204, CM-9205, CM-9206, CM-9209, CM-9238, CM-9247, CM-9258, CM-9270, CM-9272, CM-9313CM-9408, CM-9496, CM-9589, CM-9614, CM-9652, CM-9635, CM-9694 CM-9717, CM-9780, CM-9853, CM-9865, CM-9930, CM-9992
  • General localization and usability improvements. CM-8309, CM-8308, CM-8394
  • General architectural improvements.  CM-8418, CM-8443, CM-8445, CM-8579, CM-8682, CM-8813, CM-8880, CM-9215
  • Users can access "View API Documentation" if their role has the proper permissions. The documentation has also been moved to its own section in the System menu called Documentation. CM-5072
  • Performance improvements made to the smart playlist API's.  CM-7736
  • Using the Players API GET/api/rest/players call, it is possible to filter based on the lastModified filter. CM-8453
  • Fixed the API call to return the correct number of items as requested. CM-9457
  • UUID now appropriately returns when calling the ThumbnailStatus API. CM-8726
  • API now correctly deletes all items in the filter list using DELETE /api/rest/media. CM-8879
  • Performance improvements to API for installations with large playlists (listing many items inside a playlist).  CM-8915
  • Added a UI validation to insure that a user cannot create an infinite loop by setting the time trigger to zero.  CM-7152
  • API Security changes have resulted in the following: the /api/rest/auth/login API call now properly returns a 401 error for an unsuccessful login. Login calls now require application/json in the Content type header. Not having this header will now return an "invalid Media Type" error. CM-9571
  • Created three new API's: (Add media to normal playlist (Should be subplaylist, not media)--POST/api/rest/playlists/{id}/playlistItems; Delete media from a normal playlist--DELETE /api/rest/playlists/{id}/playlistItems/{playlistItemId}; Update non-media related properties of a normal playlist--PUT /api/rest/playlists/{id}/partial ]) which were created to improve performance when manipulating large playlists. Full information on these API's can be found in the API documentation.CM-9886, CM-9887, CM-9888, CM-9889, CM-9890, CM-9891, CM-9892 

  • Fixed a bug that prohibited the PUT method of Playlist API from deleting players that have a condition associated with a Playlist. CM-9944

  • General API improvements. CM-8735, CM-8852, CM-9376, CM-9415
  • Making a change in the frame order will now save correctly. CM-9185
  • Added new default 1920 x 1080 and 1080 x 1920 framesets.  CM-9186
  • Users with Edit user resource are now able to import LDAP users.  CM-8802
  • When importing users from LDAP, the list of users shown in the modal is limited to a maximum of 100. CM-7363
  • Passwords can no longer be changed in Content Manager for users who are imported from LDAP.  CM-8465
  • You can now define an LDAP user when publishing from Designer to Content Manager.  CM-9416
  • When a user deletes LDAP mapping values, they are now properly deleted by the system.  CM-9552
  • The LDAP administrator will now be notified with an error message if there is a problem when importing users roles or workgroups. This message will also appear in the Content Manager logs.  CM-6188
  • Fixed an issue where LDAP SSL stopped working.  CM-7804
  • General LDAP improvements.  CM-6767, CM-8462
Messages and Media 
  • A message with an unrequired multi-line text variable will no longer show "undefined" in the text entry box when saved as empty.  CM-8650
  • Blank line spaces can now be created within messages.  CM-8697
  • Messages can now see the Category and Workgroup attributes of a media item.   CM-8758
  • When deleting Media, Content Manager now properly removes these files from existing plans. CM-9172
  • Media Items with the deprecated "recall" status on systems that have been upgraded now have a "draft" status. CM-9176
  • The user can now more easily clear search filter criteria when searching Players, Media and Playlists.  CM-9203
  • Multi-file drag and drop is now supported in Internet Explorer 10 and Internet Explorer 11.CM-9375
  • The Media landing page will now return results if a large number of media items has been selected. CM-9676
  • Modification of the Media Item Properties no longer changes the status of a media item to approved. It is necessary to explicitly approve the item.  CM-9685
Performance Improvements
  • Increased indexing of search so that auto-complete provides more relevant results, and made improvements. CM-9878

  • Users are now able to search for Playlists, Templates, or Players with partial words. CM-9879

  • Plan generation loading performance improvement. CM-9640

  • Significant performance improvement when adding a sub-playlist to an existing playlist. CM-8112

  • Architectural upgrades to enhance performance of database response time to take advantage of recent Java Development Kit (JDK) enhancements. CM-8442

  • Improved performance relating to Tomcat shutdown. CM-7184

  • General performance improvements.  CM-5776, CM-8137, CM-8514, CM-8665, CM-9077, CM-9164, CM-9207, CM-9273, CM-9544, CM-9602, CM-9654, CM-9757

Playback Audit Module 
  • Addressed an issue that caused some Designer page events to appear in the Billing_Archive log, but not the Playback Audit Report. CM-9904
  • After migrating Playback Audit Module data, Administrators have the option to remove the parser service from Content Manager. This is a non-destructive change, meaning that user will also need to remove or delete their old database. CM-9904



It is very important to backup your Content Manager before making this change.

  • Playlist items can now be duplicated and moved to another part of the playlist. CM-1743
  • A hyperlink is now available when conditions are set on a playlist item. CM-5708
  • A hyperlink is now available when micro-scheduling is set on a playlist item. CM-5709
  • When using micro-scheduling for playlist items the date range defaults to the current date to ten (10) years hence. CM-5745
  • The modal that appears when assigning a playlist to a message now contains two additional filters: Playlist Type and Playlist Status. CM-8219
  • The View Settings has been added to Playlists items tab. CM-8232
  • Users with a workgroup can correctly see playlists associated to that workgroup when scheduling a timeslot. CM-8707
  • Users with Schedule Manager as a role are able to filter by workgroup when adding sub-playlists. CM-8708
  • After changing workgroups on Playlist Properties page, the items that can be added to this playlist is now accurately reflected. CM-8726
  • Smart Playlist results no longer show extraneous results in certain situations. CM-8745
  • The user will now receive a warning before deleting a Playlists if it has dependencies such as time slots, event and time triggers, and non-scheduled content. CM-8840, CM-9531
  • For audit purposes, deleting the owner of a playlist will still show their names. CM-8841
  • Playlist duration is now recalculated if the sub-playlist is deleted from the playlist landing page. CM-8844



    This task is done in the background and may take a little time to recalculate.

  • Plans will now properly generate for messages that contain sub playlists. CM-8897

  • The usage count for media items being used in a playlist is now accurately reflected. CM-9040
  • Users are no longer able to create circular references within playlists and sub-playlists. CM-9240
  • The playlist status is now updated when modifications are made to a media item in a subplaylist. CM-9271
  • Optimized UI responsiveness while working with multi-level nested sub-playlists.  CM-9458
  • The deletion of a Playlist used in a Time Trigger is now correctly removed when deleting the Playlist. CM-9497
  • The workgroup can now be used as a condition when creating or editing a Smart Playlist.  CM-8709
  • The Event Triggers tab now appears when no variables are declared. CM-7944
  • Added a UI validation to insure that a user cannot create an infinite loop by setting the time trigger to zero. CM-7152

Publish Locations
  • Thumbnails are now generated for template revisions and messages from a publish location. CM-8496
  • Publish Locations are now disabled by default when first created. CM-9066
  • (Notable) Remote Publish Location logs have been improved to reduce the verbosity caused by the thumbnail generator. CM-9525
  • Fixed an issue where customers using Multiple Publish Automation EX, the server now correctly receives the files from the Publish Automation processes. CM-9491
  • Content Manager Remote Publish Location now properly download files that start with an underscore ( _ ). CM-9559
  • Playback Audit Module (PAM) reporting logs now include milliseconds.  CM-7769
  • Changing the reservation ID of a Playlist Media item now is correctly reported in the Playback Audit files.  CM-7772
  • The JavaMelody module has been updated to include the performance of SQL queries. CM-9523
  • A role can not be deleted if it is in use by one or more users.  CM-5366
  • Viewer role default access has been modified to insure the proper viewing of category filters.CM-8759
  • View only is displayed on the media landing page for a Graphic Designer in a workgroup with only view access. CM-8805
  • Users will full access to Users and Roles can now assign most roles to a new or existing user.   CM-9673
  • (NotableContent Manager now restores missing system role resources after a Tomcat restart. CM-9988

Security and Administration 
  • The System (Administrator) is now locked and no changes can be made to the role.CM-7511
  • Emails addresses must now be entered in the following format: CM-7751
  • User email addresses with a hyphen in the domain are now properly recognized. CM-9218
  • Usernames and passwords are no longer required for customers who want to configure private SMTP servers. CM-8563
  • Users must now create password that are 8 characters or longer. CM-8951
  • For new installations, the default Player's password is now ChangeThePassword. CM-9190
  • Added support for username and password authentication support for SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) to Publish Locations. CM-6261
  • The Installer now allows you to pick a different port if you are updating Content Manager and modify the web application settings, and have multiple HTTP/HTTPS connectors installed. CM-10118
  • General security improvements. CM-8138, CM-8314, CM-9731
  • When deleting a Workgroup or Category, the popup will also show the usage count for the Templates. CM-8365
  • When publishing a Template, the message duration is now correctly updated.  CM-9717
  •  Fixed a number of workgroup-related UI issues, particularly when using filtering of playlists and media items. CM-6519, CM-7878, CM-8762, CM-8810, CM-8835, CM-9524, CM-9601, CM-9632, CM-9804


  • Asian text now disregards bolding, where other languages show bold. CM-7240
  • Android players now support bandwidth throttling similar to Scala PC Player. CM-7970

  • The UI will now ask for confirmation when clearing errors on the Player Landing page. CM-8513
  • (NotableContent Manager will now purge maintenance tasks errors if they are no longer needed by the system. CM-8572, CM-8604
  • Plan now properly regenerate in all cases when maintenance jobs are deleted. CM-8845
  • Corrected an issue where SCZ file published into a sub-folder could not be downloaded to the Player. CM-8854
  • Maintenance Dialog now handles files with names that differ only by character case. CM-9138
  • Provide a default directory for PostgreSQL to address an issue with its installer's default of putting the directory inside Program Files. For those users who have manually installed PostgreSQL, the Content Manager installer now detects and warns you if this problem exists. CM-9193

  • The license information page can now be printed when using Internet Explorer 11.  CM-9650
  • Improved heartbeat parsing, which reduces memory used and CPU load. CM-9794

  • Player Plan generation correctly completes when there is an invalid metadata value. The errors is also put into the Content Manager log.  CM-9857
  • (Notable) The "Max database age (days) field is now managed in the Content Manager config.xml file. Unless specified, the default is set to 90 days. CM-10003

Bug Fixes

  • Plan generation will no longer fail because a user has copied and/or pasted special ASCII (specifically vertical tab) characters into a message.  CM-7140
  • Accessing logs for a Samsung SSP player no longer shows an error when the player has not received any logs. CM-7731
  • Old Player Health details are now cleaned up after a Player has been reset using "Reassign Player License to Another Player" in the Status of Player Properties. CM-7895
  • Fixed a rare issue that caused the server to fail to create a new message if all fields were not populated. CM-8711
  • Fixed a bug that caused a revised file, uploaded from a remote publish location, to be automatically deleted. CM-9048
  • Fixed a rare issue related to uploading Android firmware updates that caused the Content Manager UI to hang indefinitely. CM-9209
  • Fixed an issue when using multi-edit on the Player landing page that caused the plan polling interval to be reset. CM-9785
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