Designer 11.02

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To help you structure and organize a script, Designer makes it possible to organize pages into groups. This can be especially useful in large scripts, where grouping pages will enable you to get a better overview and be easier to manage.

A group may include any number or combination of pages, scripts or other groups of pages. Whether the selected pages are (are not) listed consecutively in the Main View, the group's position in the script will be that of the first page you select. Similarly, within the group, pages are sequenced according to the order in which they were selected.

  • Thumbnail View: 
    A thumbnail/Name button representing the group appears in the position of the first page you selected. The page(s) you selected are now in the group. Designer assigns a generic name to the group, which will also appear on the group’s Name button. You can change the name of the group as follows:
    • Click on the group’s No. (Number) button, opening the Page Control Panel.
    • In the Name text box, type a short descriptive name for the group and click on Close. You will return to the Main View and, on the group’s Name button, you will see the name you have assigned. Buttons for a group are generally darker in color than buttons for a page. The thumbnail for a group looks like a stack of pages with the first page in the group located on top.
  • List View: 
    • To group pages: Select the pages you want to include in the group in the Main View.
    • Click on the Edit pull down menu and choose Group or you can right-click on one of the selected thumbnails or listed page names, and select Group from the context menu,

Editing a Group

When you double-click on a group’s Name button, you will see the Main View with the individual pages, scripts or groups of pages that are included in the group. The page number for each represents the sequence of pages within the group based upon their selected order.

The path in the script title bar reflects the position of the group in the structure of the script. You can refine the elements of the group and work in the panel as usual.

When you are done, click on the Script Up button in the script title bar, as necessary, until you see the top level of the script structure.


To dissolve the group and leave its contents as individual items in the script, select the page representing the group, then click on the Edit pull-down menu in the Main View and choose Ungroup. The items in the group are listed individually and consecutively, beginning at the position in the script previously occupied by the group.

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