Designer 11.02

A more recent release of this software is available. Please refer here to access documentation for other releases.

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Whether you are a beginner or an expert, with Designer you can create polished, professional on-screen productions that combine text, sound, graphics and animation for maximum impact. Designer, when used with its powerful companion application Content Manager, lets you easily publish and distribute your productions across the internet to networks of Scala Players located around the globe.

Designer was created specifically for visual communication and has many publication and playback options that make the environment a powerful creative composition tool to add to your existing toolbox.  

Designer provides users with the ability to create and publish content to…

Content Manager for Scala Players in a Scala Enterprise network.

Content created with Designer ranges from dynamic presentations to interactive applications to data-driven information.

Although Scala supports a wide variety of media formats from images to streaming video, only Designer has these benefits: 

  • Creates content in the native Scala format.
  • Can be used to create Scala Templates.
  • Can mix high quality motion with dynamic data.

In a Scala Enterprise network, Designer is part of a workflow process, allowing users to create scripts and templates, manage them in Content Manager and play them in Player. An illustration of this process is below. 

Designer can work for you

Designer offers you a variety of presentation formats so you can use whatever fits your purpose. For example, you can use Designer to: 

  • Design and publish content for digital signage networks.
  • Engage your customers with an interactive customer experience.
  • Make advertising more compelling, increase sales and grow your business.
  • Inform your patrons of the many services your business has available.
  • Distribute news and publicize products and events on your corporate information channel.

Because Designer productions can be transmitted and updated through the Internet, up-to-the-minute information can reach all your sites almost instantly. The time and expense of sending people or bulky media to each site when the displays need to change is a thing of the past. And your training and production costs for creating productions and managing a Designer installation are low, thanks to Scala’s easy-to-use graphical user interface.

The key to a successful production is to think about your audience and how and where they will interact with the content you create.  With Designer, your can create productions that be displayed on a wide variety of display types of setups including, but not limited to: large format screens, video walls, outdoor billboards, complex monitor arrangements.

Additional Introduction Topics

  • The Primer section covers the essentials for working with Designer.
  • Installing Designer will help you to set up your version of Designer. 
  • Getting Started is a simple walk though of using Designer to create a simple script through to publishing the production.
  • Glossary of Terms defines the terminology used within Designer.
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