Designer 11.02

A more recent release of this software is available. Please refer here to access documentation for other releases.

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The Tools menu has a number of functions available to assist the designer during the creative process, and enables you quick access to:


Begins checking the spelling of the text on the current page. 

Edit Grid

Opens the Grid Editor, where you can adjust the size, origin, and Snap setting of the layout grid. This option is explained in greater detail in the Using Grid Points section. 

Edit Guide Lines...

Opens the Guide Lines Editor, where you can add, adjust, and delete layout guide lines. This option is explained in greater detail in the Using Guide Lines section. 

Save Element and Page Defaults

Lets you save the current settings on the Design Panels as the default for new pages.

Restore Defaults

Restores the default settings for new pages.


Opens the Options dialog, which can be used to customize Scala Designer and control script performance. This option is explained in greater detail in the Designer Tool Options section.

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