Designer 11.02

A more recent release of this software is available. Please refer here to access documentation for other releases.

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Scala Developer Wiki

Scala now offers an online information resource for partners and customers who wish to develop solutions around Scala products, at the Scala Developer Wiki. (Registration is required.)

Web Services for Content Manager

Scala Enterprise Content Manager now supports a rich set of web services so that other applications can interface with it. Documentation is provided on the Scala Developer Wiki. (Registration required.)

ScalaScript Documentation

Scala's rich media playback is governed by a flexible scripting language called ScalaScript, which describes pages, elements, actions, and events in Scala. Documentation on individual commands, functions, and variables is accessible from Designer's Help > Scala Script pull-down menu.

ScalaScript language topics:

Other Scripting and Integration Documentation

Other Scripting and Automation topics: 

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