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Guide Lines are another useful layout and alignment aid for the Designer. But unlike grid points, they are not defined by default. Guides are horizontal and vertical lines which extend across the entire page canvas. They are visible only in the Page View when the Show Extras? option is turned on.  They need to be checked in the Extras Option.

They are not viewable when you preview or play a script, and can be created or positioned anywhere. This can be done by selecting Edit Guide Lines from the Tools pull-down menu and opening the Guide Lines Editor panel. They will automatically be turned on when you open the panel. You can create and move lines by clicking and dragging directly on the page, or by using controls in the dialog to make more precise adjustments.

Creating Guide Lines

There are two ways to create a guide line:

  1. Click anywhere on the canvas while in the Guide Lines Editor. The new guide line will be vertical or horizontal depending on whether you clicked closer to the sides of the canvas area or the top/bottom. 
  2. Click Add Line. Your line will be positioned relative to the side of the page specified by the Edge: pop-up. The line is vertical if Edge: is set to Left or Right, or horizontal if it is set to Top or Bottom.The new line will appear solid, indicating that it is the current selected line. Any other guide lines will be dashed. A small arrowhead in the middle of the current line will point to the left side, right side, the top or the bottom, depending upon which edge represents 0 for that line’s position value.

You can create any number of guide lines.

Selecting Guide Lines

Guide lines are individually numbered. Each Edge: setting (Left, Right, Top or Bottom) can have a series of lines associated with it, regarding its numbering and position. The numbering starts with 0, and represents the order of the lines in terms of how far they are from the page edge, with line 0 is closest to its edge, line 1 is the next closest, and so on. The number of the current line is shown in the Line Number value control arrows. You can use this value control to select a line, or alternatively, click on the line. The selected line will become solid, and its Edge, Line Number, and Line Position settings will be displayed in those controls.

Positioning Guide Lines

If you used Add Line, the new line will be positioned relative to the last guide line which you created for the current edge. Newer lines are positioned farther from the edge. The Line Position value control will show the distance of the current guide line from its edge, in pixels. You can adjust the line’s position using this control. Once created, you can move guide lines by dragging them. You must click directly on the line to avoid creating a new line. In repositioning guide lines, it can be easier to use the Line Number control to select the lines, rather than making precise adjustments with the Line Position control. If you click and drag to move a guide line, the line will follow the mouse pointer, and a number will appear near the pointer, indicating its line position.

Removing Guide Lines

There are several methods to remove a guide line by selecting it and :

  • Either clicking on it or using the Line Number control, then clicking Remove Line.
  • Either clicking on it or using the Line Number control, then using the Delete key on your keyboard.
  • Dragging the line off the page.

Clicking the Remove Line button repeatedly will remove successively lower-numbered lines.


When you have finished creating guide lines, click Done to close the Guide Lines Editor. The guide lines you defined will appear in the Page View canvas as solid yellow lines, whenever the Show Extras option in the View pull-down menu is on. The lines do not appear in playback.

Guide line settings can be retained for future use by clicking Save Element and Page Defaults in the Tools pull-down menu.

Snap-To Guide Lines? 

Using the Snap-to Guide Lines? Option works similarly to Snap-to Grid?. With the element(s) selected, choose the Snap to > Guides? from the View pull-down menu. When you move your elements on the canvas, the edges will highlight the guide lines when you get near them. Once the guide line is highlighted, let go of the mouse and it will snap to that guide line.

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