Designer 11.02

A more recent release of this software is available. Please refer here to access documentation for other releases.

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Designer’s Page View is used to create and manipulate a page, and it is broken down into these basic areas:

Page View Menu (1)

These menus provide access to functions in the areas of FileEditAddViewTools and Help.

Page View Toolbar (2)

The Page View Toolbar has a few buttons which are similar to the Main View Toolbar. Certain icons, including AddCut, Copy, PasteUndo and Redo and Preview are also present on both Toolbars. To the right of the tool bar you will see the page's name and duration and the Page Switcher.

Page View Canvas (3)

The canvas has two distinct parts:

  • Visible Page Area (4): seen during playback and is normally the main area to work within.
  • The Off-page Area (5): area outside the visible page

Design Panel (6)

These panels house the functions and settings you will need to compose individual pages in your script. There is a specific Design Panel associated with every major type of design task. The name of a panel reflects its purpose or the type of element with which it is associated.

Additional Topics

Information on the following topics can also be found in this section: 

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