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Scala Security Bulletins Regarding "WannaCrypt" Malware


Internet security experts generally consider the WannaCrypt malware that exploits the EternalBlue weakness to be serious and worth urgent attention. See the May 2017 Scala Security Bulletin Regarding "WannaCrypt" Malware as well as the June 2017 Scala Security Bulletin Regarding Microsoft June 2017 Security Updates.

Windows XP Support:

Summary: Windows XP is not supported by Scala Enterprise Designer and Player Release 11.03 and above.

In More Detail: Windows XP support within Google Chrome ended as of April 2016 (with Version 50 of Chrome). For more information on this change, please see: )

The Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF), the open source framework for embedding a web browser control used in Google Chrome, is used by Scala as part of its playback of HTML content.

Scala's position on Windows XP was to officially end support as of the next major release. However, in order to take advantage of the latest features and security of CEF, Scala has had to adjust its position with Scala Enterprise release 11.02 being the last version to support playback under Windows XP which will continue to use CEF 47.

For those users who wish to use Windows 10, Scala currently supports Designer and Player playback against a 64-bit version of Consumer Windows 10, with some caveats, which are explained in greater detail here.

This homepage is the primary documentation source for supported versions of Scala Enterprise products. From here, you can access information to help answer questions you have related to your version of Scala Enterprise Content Manager, Designer and Player.  Follow the links on this page to explore the information you need.  It is recommended that you bookmark for future reference. 

Scala Maintenance:


You have ended up on this page because your Scala Maintenance has expired. We strongly recommend keeping your Scala Maintenance current, as doing so will give you access to the latest updates and upgrades from Scala. For more information on Scala Maintenance, please see the following page:

No Longer Supported Releases: Scala Enterprise & Scala 5


If you need to reference documentation for Scala software that has passed its End of Support date, click here. This includes older release versions of Scala Enterprise and the legacy Scala 5 product line.

Other Resources

In addition to this resource, the following are also available:

  • Updates show which updates are available for the product(s) you have currently licensed.
  • Extras is a resource of information and inspiration, from documentation to examples and more.
  • Support provides help through FAQs and a Discussion Forum. 
  • Services and Training are available to help you get the most out of your digital signage network. 

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