Player 11.03

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Scala Enterprise and Microsoft Windows 10



Scala Enterprise Release 11.03 is tested, and certified under versions of Windows 10 as indicated on the chart below:



  Scala Enterprise 
Windows EditionDesignerContent ManagerPC Player
Windows 10 Home X X
Windows 10 Mobile X X
Windows 10 Enterprise YES YESYES
Windows 10 Pro YES YESYES1 
Windows 10 Education YES YESYES1
Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise X  XX
Windows 10 IoT Core X X X




Notes For PC Player:




  • Updates from Microsoft cannot be blocked, so the systems will reboot by themselves when Microsoft decides.  (Under Windows 10 Professional, you can define the active hours, and the reboot will happen outside the active hours, but this is still a large breadth of times when the reboot can occur.)
  • When running the Player in full-screen DirectX mode (which is otherwise preferred), VNC cannot see the player output.  So remote access to get a view of the screen using VNC or related tools won’t work.

R&D's Current Position:

For Player, the goal is to support:  Windows 10 IoT Enterprise Embedded LTSB v1607, for Player images built by Scala. This will allow proper control over updates and reboots.. This work is currently under investigation. Details will be posted here at a later time. Please return to this page for updates. 
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