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Recent changes to Oracle's license structure and distribution of Java have impact on currently supported Scala Enterprise Content Manager products.


Scala Content Manager (CM) has traditionally shipped with an Oracle® Java Runtime Environment (JRE) that was redistributable without a commercial license under their Binary Code License Agreement (BCLA). As of September 2018, Oracle has discontinued it's JRE, and as of January 2019, Oracle now requires a paid commercial license to update current Long-Term-Support (LTS) release versions of Java (Java 8 and Java 11). Scala is migrating Content Manager to the OpenJDK version of Java to mitigate increased customer cost and to align with the larger Java community in response to these changes.

Content Manager Versions Affected:

CM 11.07 release: This upcoming release migrates from the Oracle JRE under the Binary Code License Agreement (BCLA) to the OpenJDK under the GNU General Purpose License v2 with Classpath Exception (GPLv2+CPE). This release will not require separate Java licensing.

CM 11.06 customers: The Oracle Java version shipped with this product (Java 10) is now out of support and has reached end of life. Following the 11.07 release, Scala will be certifying 11.06.04 against the Java 11 OpenJDK, which will allow continued use of this release without requiring separate Java licensing. For customers that do not wish to wait for this recertification, Scala recommends upgrading to 11.07 upon release.

CM 11.05 customers: Customers on this version would require an Oracle license to continue upgrading Oracle's version of Java that shipped with this product (Java 8) in order to receive critical security updates. 

Prior to CM 11.05: These versions are out of support. Customers running on these versions would require an Oracle license to continue upgrading Oracle's version of Java that shipped with this product in order to receive critical security updates, or would need to migrate to another Java distribution. Because these are out of support, these are not tested against other Java distributions, and are therefore recommended to upgrade to a supported version.

Use the following table to determine your best course of action:

Scala Enterprise ReleaseCertified WithRecommended ActionAlternative ActionCommercial Alternative Option
Content Manager 11.07

OpenJDK 11

No action required at this time.No action required at this time.No action required at this time.
Content Manager 11.06Oracle JRE 10Upgrade to Content Manager 11.07Upgrade to Content Manager 11.06.04Upgrade to 11.06.04
Content Manager Prior to 11.05Oracle JRE 8Upgrade to Content Manager 11.07Upgrade to a supported version of Scala EnterpriseLicense Oracle 8  Long-Term-Support (LTS)

For more information, regarding Oracle Java SE product releases, see:


Related Article for LDAP Users

Oracle has added a security feature to Java 8 and Java 11 that does not allow LDAP users to connect to LDAP from a static IP address. For more information, see the Notable for Support page, JDK Support: Content Manager 11.07 and JDK Support: Content Manager 11.05.

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