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The following topics provide guidance for moving forward if your Scala Enterprise release is either no longer supported or is coming to the end of support (EOS).


End of Support Date: November 1, 2020

As of November 1, 2020, Scala will no longer provide any hot fixes for critical or non-critical issues found in the 11.07 release.  The Scala Support team will still provide guidance if you have a problem, but software and/or security updates will not be provided by the Engineering team.

Yes. The Scala Support team is still available to triage issues, but no new software builds will be provided for the 11.07 release.

Login to Scala Content Manager and view the release number at the bottom of the screen

If you are a Built-in Administrator, look for the release number by navigating to System > Server Settings > System Information.

As long as you have an active maintenance contract with Scala, you can upgrade to a supported software release. Please contact your Scala sales representative to determine if your maintenance contract is current.

If you are a Built-in Administrator, navigate to System > License Status to find your maintenance coverage date. 

Go to to obtain an upgrade. 

You will need a valid serial number to download the latest Scala software.

Yes. As of November 1, 2020, release 11.07 and all prior releases will no longer be supported.

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