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Set the date and time of the device using the Time and Date utility.

  1. Navigate to the system menu in the Configure Player account.
  2. Either using the All option or typing in the search box, search for the Time and Date utility. Click the Time and Date link.
    The Time and Date Settings dialog appears.
  3. Click the Unlock button and enter the Configure Player password in the Password field.
  4. Click the Authenticate button.

The Time and Date Settings dialog is unlocked.

Time ZoneSelect ListUse to select the nearest time zone to your player.
ConfigurationDropdown select listUse to select configuration type.
Manual - Configure using the Time and Date Settings fields.
Keep synced with Internet servers - Configure date and time using Internet time servers. NTP support must be installed.
TimeSelect fieldsSelect the time in hours, minutes, and seconds. Use the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons to set the time.
Synchronize NowButtonUse to synchronize the Time and Date Settings to the NTP server.
DateSelect calendarUse to select the month, date and/or year.
HelpButtonUse to access the Time Administration Tool manual included with the utility.
LockButtonClick to lock the Time and Date Settings dialog. You will have to enter the Configure Player password.
CloseButtonClose the utility without saving changes.
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