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EDID Emulation Initiation

The EDID emulator does not initiate immediately when the Scala Media Player-Q is turned on. Wait approximately one minute before beginning configuration.

You can easily configure your monitors using the integrated hardware Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) function built-in to the Scala Media Player-Q.  The EDID emulator provides both the functions of EDID override and display continuity, independent of the Windows® operating system and the device driver stack. 

Configuring the integrated hardware EDID emulations requires that:

  • The primary monitor is plugged into the HDMI 1 port, located at the back of the unit. For more information about device ports, including the HDMI ports, see Setting Up the SMP-Q Device.
  • You are using the same monitor type for both outputs.

Using the Monitors

Ensure that you are using the same monitors for all outputs. Using different monitors may have unintended consequences.

There are two EDID configuration buttons located on the front of the Scala Media Player-Q. The following table describes each button and its function.

COPY/ERASEUse to copy stored EDID data or erase existing EDID data
EMULATION ONUse to turn EDID emulation on.

The EDID buttons have internal LED indicators that indicate the status of the EDID emulation. The table below explains the possible combinations of LED statuses.

Emulation On StatusCopy/Erase StatusDescriptionNotes
Not litNot litEDID emulator is offThere is no stored EDID data. If you press the Emulator On button, it will briefly flash red and then remain unlit.
Not litLitEDID emulator is offHas valid stored EDID data.
LitLitEDID emulator is on

The player's Windows operating system will detect  the presence of the monitor that has been programmed into the EDID emulator. The device will not recognize:

  • If a monitor is unplugged
  • A monitor that does not match the programmed monitor

The following tabs contain instructions regarding how to program and erase programmed EDID information from your device.

Program Erase

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