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The use of brackets ([ ]) in a command signify that the information inside the brackets should be replaced with your input and the brackets removed. E.g. [port number] means that you should identify the port number. In this case it could be 8080

Basic Commands

The following table lists basic commands for the Linux Playback Engine.

sudo ufw statusUse to see the ports defined for remote access on your Linux device.
sudo ufw allow [port number]Use to add a port number for remote access to your Linux device.
ip addrUse to view the IP address for your Linux device.
sudo rebootUse to reboot the player from the command line.

Setup Commands

Use the following commands for command line setup of the Linux Player.

passwdUse to change the current logged in user password.

sudo [username]

sudo passwd [account name]

Use to change the password of another account on the same device.
sudo vncpasswd /etc/vncpasswdUse to change the TigerVNC password.
sudo nano /etc/hostnameUse to  change the name of the player.
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