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Player Overview

Deliver powerful, in-aisle shopping experiences and brand messaging with eye-catching clarity using LINQ all-in-one shelf edge displays. The displays attract attention from practically every viewing position. Designed for continuous commercial use, the displays can be powered by DC on all units or Power over Ethernet (PoE) on 23" units, eliminating the need for battery power. Optional accessories include a camera, barcode scanner, or mobile sensor to deliver personalized experiences.

Shelf edge displays are equipped with Advanced Super Dimension Switch technology, which provides higher transmittance, brightness, and contrast ratio, as well as the wide viewing angle. Specifically developed for high traffic retail environments such as grocery, convenience and retail stores, the frame is made with SECC, electro-galvanized commercial quality cold rolled steel, to prevent tampering and vandalism. An integrated, robust content management platform rounds out the LINQ full solution, providing media scheduling and application, content and device management across diverse locations.


  • 23.1"
  • 37.1"
  • 47.1"

Operating System

Linux Xubuntu 18.04.x

The operating system has minor customizations implemented by Scala to optimize performance.


There are two Scala licenses that are typically sold with the LINQ shelf edge player. One applies if you have a SaaS Scala environment (where you access a Scala-hosted version of Content Manager on the web) and the other applies if you have a non-SaaS environment (where you installed and host Content Manager in-house). While other licenses can be used with the LINQ shelf edge, they may not be as optimized for the capabilities of the LINQ shelf edge hardware.

LINQ Shelf Edge Recommended Licenses
SaaS Scala Environment: SAAS-PST-AiO*
Non-SaaS Scala Environment: SW-PST-AiO*

*These licenses have equivalent functionality to the SW-PST-HD01 license, but simply use a customized SKU code to identify that is an all-in-one (AiO) player and to indicate whether you have a SaaS environment. On the License Functionality Matrix, refer to Standard HD/SW-PST-HD01 to review the functionality of these licenses.

Setup & Configuration

First, refer to LINQ Shelf Edge - Setup & Hardware Information for information about the device.

Then, to configure a LINQ shelf edge so that it is ready for playback, use enhanced provisioning. Enhanced provisioning makes it easy to configure a LINQ shelf edge through a portal that is accessed on your laptop, tablet, or phone, so that you do not need to perform any setup on the unit's narrow display.  

Additionally, as a Linux player, the information found in the Setting Up Linux Players applies to the LINQ shelf edge.

Hardware Specifications

For detailed hardware specifications, see

Default User Account Credentials

LINQ shelf edge units arrive to you set up with two user accounts, as outlined in the table below. For more information about user accounts, refer to Understanding the User Accounts on Linux Players.

Password Security

Proper security practice requires that you change the default passwords to strong passwords during the provisioning process.  For information about changing passwords at any time after initial provisioning is completed, see Changing Passwords for the User Accounts on a Linux Player.
AccountUsernameDefault Password
Configure Player accountconfigscala123#
Scala Player accountplayerscala123#

Remote Access

Refer to Remote Access for LINQ Players.