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See the License Functionality Matrix for more information about product compatibility for each license type.

There are two Scala licenses that are sold with the LINQ tablet. One applies if you have a SaaS Scala environment (where you access a Scala-hosted version of Content Manager on the web) and the other applies if you have a non-SaaS environment (where you installed and host Content Manager in-house). While other licenses can be used with the LINQ tablet, they are not optimized for the capabilities of the LINQ tablet hardware.

LINQ Tablet Licenses
SaaS Scala Environment: SAAS-PST-AIO*
Non-SaaS Scala Environment: SW-PST-AIO*

*These licenses have equivalent functionality to the SW-PST-HD01 license, but simply use a customized SKU code to identify that is an all-in-one player and to indicate whether you have a SaaS environment. On the License Functionality Matrix, refer to the SW-PST-HD01 to review the functionality of these licenses. 

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