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The Scala Media Player-L is an affordable, entry-level digital media player that delivers stable and reliable performance in an ultra-compact design. The anodized aluminum housing and fanless design protect the Scala Media Player-L from dirt, dust, and debris that could compromise performance. 

Pair the Scala Media Player-L with any of our feature-based licenses to add full device monitoring, playback of ScalaScript, and/or Campaign Management.

Operating Systems

The Scala Media Player-L can be purchased running a Windows® 10 IoT LTSB operating system.


A combination of the license purchased for the player and hardware capabilities determine player functionality. For more information about licenses, see the License Functionality Matrix. For information about licenses recommended for the player, see License Compatibility for SMP-L.


Setting up and configuring the SMP-L player requires you to first create a player profile in Content Manager. See Creating a Player in the Content Manager helpffor more information. 

This section also covers additional specifications and system functions, including configuration instructions for the Windows Operating System and the Scala Windows Player:

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