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The Scala Media Player-R is an entry-level, single-output digital media player in a compact design that is an affordable solution for stable, reliable content delivery. Designed and developed by Scala’s engineering team, the media player works seamlessly with Scala’s digital signage software, matching powerful performance with turnkey simplicity. An optimized architecture ensures high quality performance throughout its entire lifetime. System hardening minimizes vulnerabilities and delivers robust system security. The media player’s fanless design keeps it protected from dust and debris, ideal for any digital signage solution in any environment. Select from two variations:

  • Scala Media Player-R
  • Scala Media Player-R Plus

Operating System

Linux Xubuntu 18.04.x

The operating system has minor customizations implemented by Scala to optimize performance.


Recommended license for the Player-R Standard: Lite (Lite/SW-PLT-HD01)

Recommended license for the Player-R Plus: Single HD (Standard/SW-PST-HD01)

If you have a Player-R Standard, it pairs best with a Lite license, which allows standard HD/1080p resolution and provides basic playback features that are suited to the player's entry-level processing power. 

If you have a Player-R Plus, which has twice the amount of memory and storage, a single-channel Standard HD license is recommended, which provides standard HD/1080p resolution and more advanced features than a Lite license. You can alternatively use a Lite license with the Plus edition, however it will impose feature limitations.

As neither Player-R supports 4K playback, an Advanced UHD license will provide you with additional features but it generally will not improve picture quality above that provided by a Lite or Standard HD license.

With only one video output, a Player-R should be paired only with single-channel licenses.

For details about the different licenses, refer to the License Functionality Matrix.

Hardware Specifications

Refer to


Setting up and configuring the SMP-R player requires you to first create a player profile in Content Manager. See Creating a Player in the Content Manager help for more information. 

This section also covers additional specifications and system functions, including configuration instructions for the Windows Operating System and the Scala Windows Player:

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