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When configuring wireless for the LINQ all-in-one tablets powered by Scala, ensure that you are in the Configure Player account.

  1. Click the Network icon on the panel.
  2. Ensure that the Enable Wi-Fi box is checked. If not, click on the box to enable Wi-Fi. The Network window will close. 
  3. Click the Network icon and select a Wi-Fi network.  If the network you want to use is not available, select the More networks option and select a network. 
  4. Click the Network icon and select the Edit Connections... link.

    The Network Connections dialog appears and the network you selected should be under the Wi-Fi heading.
  5. The Editing window for the selected network appears.
  6. Click the General tab and select the All users may connect to this network checkbox. This checkbox allows WiFi access from all accounts associated with the player.
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