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 Why won't my Scala Media Player-R power on?
  • Check that the power supply cable is securely plugged in at the device, power brick, and wall outlet.
  • Re-seat the power supply cable (or Ethernet cable is powered via PoE) at all connection ports.
  • Verify that the wall outlet receives power.
 Why does my Scala Media Player-R have a black screen/ weak signal/ no sound?
  • Verify that the display is powered on, has the correct input, and that the HDMI cables are securely connected at both ends.
  • Re-seat the HDMI cable at both ends, if needed.
  • Power down or unplug the device from power for 60 seconds, then power back on.
  • Verify that the connected display and HDMI cables work by testing them with other known working equipment.
 Why does my Scala Media Player-R not have a network connection?
  • Check that the Ethernet cable is connected at all connection points and that you are seeing communication link lights at all connection points.
  • Re-seat the Ethernet cable at all connection points.
  • Power down or unplug the device from power for 60 seconds; then power in back on.
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