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In the coming weeks, Scala Enterprise documentation will have a new look! We will maintain the same URL,, and you will be able to login using your current Scala account. The new site will feature a more modern user interface and improvements to the navigation and search functions that will allow you to quickly find articles of interest. We look forward to presenting continuous improvements to both our products and the documentation we provide for you. If you have any questions, contact your support representative.

With 30 years’ experience in the digital signage industry, Scala is known globally as the leader in stable, secure network deployment at scale.  

Scala’s digital media/marketing technology hardware, combined with our world-class expertise in content management software has been proven to increase sales, convenience, and brand value for many of the world’s leading brands.

Scala’s advanced hardware and software solutions enhance the performance of digital signage devices throughout any physical space. We provide a number of in-house digital signage hardware solutions with features to improve content generation and roll-out — including playback, large-scale player hardware, and content accelerators. 

$SE provides the following solutions for creating, managing, and playing back content:

  • Designer Cloud
  • Designer
  • Content Manager
  • Player
  • Scala Media Players

Use the following tabs to learn more about Scala's offerings and access help spaces for each product.

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Scala Designer Cloud is an intuitive, web-based composition and design tool that enables users to create beautiful, compelling and engaging digital signage. Publish projects to Content Manager for scheduling and playback on Linux and Windows Scala Media Players.

Scala Designer Cloud is targeted towards novice to intermediate content creators who prefer a web-based tool that is easy to use, convenient, and reliable with workflows to seamlessly share, preview, and deploy their projects.

Key Features

Key features of $designer:

  • Developed especially for creating content for digital signage
  • Seamless integration with SaaS versions of $CM
  • Ready-to-use templates
  • Widget library
  • Vector libraries
  • Administrative ability to reassign and delete projects
  • Export and publication of projects as packages that can be sent directly to $CM
  • Sharable Preview link allowing key stakeholders to preview projects



For more infomation about the current release of $designer, see .



With $D you can create polished, professional on-screen productions that combine text, sound, graphics and animation for maximum impact. Designer, when used with its powerful companion application Content Manager, lets you easily publish and distribute your productions across the internet to networks of Scala Players located around the globe.

For more information about the current release of $D, see .

Digital signage designer software on computer



$SE's $CM allows you to create and maintain your digital signage content, playlists, and schedules from a single browser interface.

$CM works in conjunction with Scala Player, Scala Designer, and Scala $designer to complete and enhance your digital signage experience.

For more information about the current release of $CM, see .

Digital signage content manager software on computer



$SE $P allows you to play back you digital content as scheduled from $CM.

Scala Player software delivers stable and reliable 24/7 playback even if your network connection goes down. By sending content directly to media players using store-and-forward technology means never having to worry about blank screens. As part of the digital signage management system, Scala Player also keeps a log of events for simplified ad billing and error tracking and has the ability to update on-air without interruption. Utilize real-time data insertion for news, weather and updates to keep your content current.

This aspect of the content manager is compatible with both Linux and Windows. Scala Player also delivers smooth sub-pixel movement and does not download the files as a whole. Saving only the changes that were made, the software mitigates choppiness and eliminates unnecessary content. This seamless interface can also play back interactive videos on a touchscreen monitor for ease-of-use.

For more information about the current release of $P, see .

Digital menu boards running on player software



Scala combines decades of digital signage knowledge and experience with modern technology to provide players designed for performance and stability. Each $SMP comes with relevant Scala and third-party software installed. $SMPs work in conjunction with Scala $CM and Scala Designer to create a suite of products for your digital signage needs.

For more information about $SMPs, see .

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