The $SMPL is an affordable, entry-level digital media player that delivers stable and reliable performance in an ultra-compact design. The anodized aluminum housing and fanless design protect the $SMPL from dirt, dust, and debris that could compromise performance. 

Pair the $SMP-L with any of our feature-based licenses to add full device monitoring, playback of $SS, and/or Campaign Management.

Operating System

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2016 LTSC

The operating system has minor customizations implemented by Scala to optimize performance.


Recommended license: Single HD (Standard/SW-PST-HD01)

The Player-L pairs best with a single-channel Standard HD license, which allows standard HD/1080p resolution while providing several more features than a Lite license. 

While you can use a Lite license with this player, the Lite license imposes some feature limitations. 

As the Player-L does not support 4K playback, an Advanced UHD license will provide you with additional features but it generally will not improve picture quality above that provided by a Lite or Standard HD license.

With only one HDMI video output, the Player-L should be paired only with single-channel licenses. 

For details about the different licenses, refer to the License Functionality Matrix.

Hardware Specifications

Refer to


Setting up and configuring the SMP-L player requires you to first create a player profile in Content Manager. See Creating a Player in the $CM helpffor more information. 

This section also covers additional specifications and system functions, including configuration instructions for the $WOS and the $WPE:

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